PCS GLOBAL Ltd. introduces the safe & smart way to except a check

We offer your business a check verification system to help you make an informed decision when accepting a check provided by a client.M
The service is available as an independent program, a web application or an integrated service that can operate on any desktop and/or tablet for you convenience.b
Our check verification program was designed to determine whether or not the bank would except the check, and limit the risk of a bounced check.M
Our system is a fast and easy way to verify that a check is valid. We provide you with the tools to be able to accurately decide whether to process your customer’s payment or to deny it and request an alternate method.M
Once you receive the "green light" from our system to go ahead and except the check – we will provide you with a check Insurance service. If your check bounces you will be entitled to a 100% repayment within just 7 business day.M
Please feel free to call us and we will be thrilled to provide you with farther information about the check verification process and address every question or concern you might face when considering a check verification system for your business.b
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Manage your risk wisely

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